Time And Attendance

Know where all the time goes

How to pick the perfect time and attendance solution

Timestandard software does a lot more than tell you who’s clocked in or out.

It can report by all pay periods. It handles multiple daily shift start stop times, complex daily shifts, Entry Window shifts, Continental shift rotation, rotating shifts, Split shifts.

It can deduct for lateness, early departure, lunches (auto or clocked) unauthorised overtime and unpaid leave, cigarette breaks. It can pay for holiday hours and other paid absences. Timestandard handles overtime qualification rules, daily, weekly, pay period.

It has many data collection methods and you can add edit and delete transactions

….and Timestandard is accessible from any PC 24/7

We don’t work 9-5 so why invest in a time and attendance system that works that way.

To help you decide which time and attendance solution is right for you, here's our helpful five step guide.

Whatever a great ROI looks like to you, we've got the experience to make it happen

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