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You have a lot on your plate aside from that Yorkie bar. You need to ensure every site is secure from intruders, and only authorised personnel can access all areas.  You need to know instantly who is on or off site in case of a fire. You have to keep employees fully licensed to operate vehicles and heavy machinery.  And keep records of everything too. Timestandard might just be your new best friend. 

  • Secure the site inside and out

    Biometric hand scan, finger scan, facial recognition, or proximity terminals will keep your business secure from outside intruders as well as ensure only the right people can enter restricted areas.

  • Run fire drills at the touch of a button

    See who is on or off site in case of a fire or an emergency on a mobile phone or tablet, or print off an attendance report when you need to. In other words, no more annoying head counts.

  • Proactively manage licence renewals

    With Timestandard you can keep track of equipment issue records and license expiry data.

  • Access accident records from anywhere

    Record, edit, and monitor accident reports and get clear insights into potential problem areas or repeat incidents. Our accident record templates meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act too. 

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