Time and Attendance Solutions for

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Every second counts

Whether you run a call centre open 24/7/ with hundreds of agents or a 9-5 contact centre with a dozen agents, every second counts. Your agents – the single biggest cost for any call centre – need to spend their time fully engaged with your customers.  ‘Lost’ agent time – however small it might seem at the time – can lead to disgruntled customers, failed campaigns and lower revenue. But to reduce absenteeism and agent churn, both agents and managers need to make sure their time really counts.

Clocking and Attendance Solutions for Call Centres

  • Enable call centre agents to clock in at their desks

    With Timestandard, agents clock in when they log in – not when they roll up in the car park.  Start time data can then be assessed and monitored as part of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Empower agents to request holidays or time off

    Annual holidays. Weekend breaks. Last minute dentist appointments. With Timestandard, agents can sign in on a mobile or PC and send a holiday or time off request in line with your attendance procedures.  All you do is approve their request and ensure their absence is covered.  

  • Allow agents to update contact information themselves

    Instead of meeting with individual agents and updating these details yourself, when they change address, phone number or email address, with Timestandard agents can update their contact details for you. 

  • See which agent clocked in or out in real-time 24/7

    Accessed on a PC or laptop, the Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard enables line managers, team leaders, supervisors, or HR to see which agent clocked in in real-time. They also capture management clocking data so the business can ensure that managers and supervisors lead by example. 

  • Pay call centre agents accurately and import into Sage

    With real-time attendance data you can pay agents for the exact hours worked. Our software also automatically deducts lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences like cigarette breaks whose costs can really mount up. Accurate data can then be imported into payroll software like Sage.  

  • Use the Bradford Factor calculator to deal with absenteeism

    Our built-in Bradford Factor calculator spots patterns of high absence and enables HR to work with individuals to identify the root causes of absenteeism, whether the causes are personal or linked to poor management practices, the working environment or workplace culture. 

  • Use attendance data to measure and incentivise performance

    In addition to metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or Average Speed of Answer (ASA), attendance data can be used as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure the performance of individual agents and teams and set realistic performance targets, incentive schemes, bonuses, awards and promotions.

  • Create a personnel database to manage agents

    Our easy-to-use software enables you to build a personnel database including CVs, photos, contact details, training records, contracts of employment, and absence or disciplinary action plan documentation. 

  • Train new agents on the value of good attendance

    With attendance data revealing the cost of absenteeism to the business as well as the cost to the careers of agents, HR can create attendance policies that help new agents understand what is expected of them and how poor absence will impact them, their colleagues, and the business financially.

  • Use attendance data to deliver consistent disciplinary action

    With supervisors having access to the attendance records of every agent, and clearly communicated attendance policies and procedures in place, the business can ensure that any disciplinary action taken to deal with unacceptable absences is delivered consistently and fairly. 

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