Absence Planning

Take control of your time

Your time is your money

Absence is contagious. Plan and catpture holidays, sick days, jury (999 categories), paid, unpaid, Lieu, full day, half day, fraction of day, part time or full time. If new starters think it’s acceptable to blame the traffic, call in ‘sick’ after a night out, or take as many smoking breaks as they like, in no time at all you’ll have a workplace culture where people naturally assume that your time is free. Timestandard resets the clock. Our clocking terminals send the message that your time is your money. And the real-time absence data and built-in Bradford Factor calculator let everyone know that times have changed.

  • Define and interrogate absence data in a new way

    Attribute standard absence categories like holidays or sickness to any employee and automatically include them on your payroll – or create bespoke absence categories to suit you. Whenever you need it, click to view absence levels for individuals, factories or departments, or take a bird’s eye view. 

  • Help employees manage their own absence

    With our Employee Self-Service tool, empower employees to clock in, request holidays, and monitor their time on a PC (great for office workers) or a mobile or tablet (great for sales people). 

  • Use our built-in Bradford Factor calculator

    Use our built-in Bradford Factor calculator to assess the impact of absenteeism on your business, intervene early to ward off deteriorating attendance levels and avoid labour inefficiencies.

  • Learn from history to plan for the future

    Store and analyse absence data related to any historic period of intense absence and apply that learning in how you plan future staffing levels occurring at similar times. 

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