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How we saved £950k + on payroll per annum


This commercial cleaning company had grown fast, with 8,000 employees operating across 620 sites, but with the lack of any modern way to collect and process accurate payroll data they knew they were wasting time and money that could be better spent continuing to grow the business even faster.

We both modernised and simplified the process of capturing time and attendance data from all of their 8,000 cleaners, freeing up valuable management time and enabling payroll managers to pay their workers fairly and on time.
The results were astonishing, with over £950k of annual payroll savings made, more than justifying their investment.

Here’s the full story.

Key Challenges

This commercial cleaning company had 8,000 employees operating across 620 sites. To meet service delivery agreements, they needed reliable proof of their cleaners’ attendance and the time they spent working on each site. Visibility of accurate payroll data was also required to pay employees correctly and on time.

With no IT infrastructure linking its employees, managers and systems together, the business was unable to collect up-to-date and accurate data. Cleaners kept their own time logs, and area managers even had to waste valuable time visiting each site to retrieve the data and process it all manually.

How we helped

The first step was to modernise their clocking system. We automated the transfer and processing of data, allowing time and attendance data to be easily verified. The lack of IT or telecoms network was a challenge, as data couldn’t be managed or transferred in the usual way.

We provided a scalable and flexible RFID solution that only requires a basic power source. Staff now have unique tag badges which clock in and out automatically, then transmit time records to a secure server over the mobile phone network.

Payroll data is then forwarded directly to the payroll manager.

The results of our solution
  • 8,000 staff across 620 sites paid accurately and on time
  • £950k+ annual payroll savings
  • 24/7 availability of up-to-date time and attendance and service delivery data
  • No infrastructure investment required
  • Managers’ time freed up for more strategic tasks
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