Data Collection

Biometrics. PC. Mobile App

Networked or Wifi terminals, GSM terminals, PC, Tablet, Mobile or Smart Device.

Wherever your employees are, they're on your clock

Gone are the days when workers punched in and out for each other. Today, sleek biometric facial scanners recognise the faces of employees and individual sub-contractors at busy construction sites. Busy call-centre agents clock in from the comfort of their PCs. Domestic cleaners clock in via GSM terminals on site and delivery drivers clock in on their mobiles. All you have to do is spend a little of your precious time picking the right clocking solution – or perfect blend of clocking solutions – to suit your business.

Yes, it matters not where your employee are operating, on the road with our smartphone clocking, at remote sites with our GSM terminals or smartphone, your premises TCP/IP or wifi terminals.

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