PC Clocking

For office or home working

Perfect for call-centre staff and home workers

When you run a busy office or call-centre, every second not spent engaged with work or dealing with customers has a big impact on performance. At the same time, many of us now work from home (at the last count 1.5 million of us). As a business, you need to pay for time spent working rather than time spent distracted by chores. With our PC clocking solution, you can now monitor the time and attendance of home or office workers in real-time. 

  • Clock in and out on a personal computer

    Log in, clock in. At the end of the day, log out, clock out. PC clocking, either in an office or call-centre or on a laptop at home, is that straightforward. All you need to do is monitor real-time clocking data and ensure you only pay for the exact hours that are being worked. If your sales staff are visiting a client, they can also clock in using a client’s PC or laptop.

  • Start as you mean to go on

    Instead of collecting clocking data from the moment an employee arrives at the office or when an employee claims they’re working at home, with PC clocking the start time is linked to the moment an employee logs in so you only pay for the time your workers are actually working. Knowing that their working day starts when they log in (and ends when they log out), this further incentivises employees to log in and out on time.

  • Track attendance data to improve performance

    In addition to call-centre metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or Average Speed of Answer (ASA), many of our clients use attendance data as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure the performance of individual agents and teams and set realistic performance targets, incentive schemes, bonuses, awards and promotions.

  • Empower workers to request holidays or time off

    Office workers or employees working from home can also use their PCs to request holidays or time off to deal with personal or health-related issues, dramatically cutting down the need for face-to-face meetings.

Learn how we help sales workers and delivery drivers to clock in on their mobile phones while on the go
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Mobile Clocking

Learn how we help sales workers and delivery drivers to clock in on their mobile phones while on the go.