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Construction Industry

Built to be future-proof

Every day dozens of leading UK construction firms use Timestandard Access Control for contractors to clock in and create an 'audit trail' should i be neccesary to compare to contractor time sheets. Our advanced biometric terminals and turnstiles restrict access to unwanted iintrusions and stop contractors from avoinding being recorded as on site. Our access control software enables you to see who arrived and when, in real-time and know who is on site in case of a fire, instantly. Even post construction, our archive of access data can re-create historical information that help them deal confidently with potentially false time claims from former employees, suppliers, or sub-contractors who claim attendance on a given day(s). Great access control and audit trail with added features.

Access control protection from future pay claims for the construction industry

  • Use facial recognition to stop ‘buddy clocking’

    Standalone or fitted with turnstiles, our cutting-edge facial recognition terminals guarantee sub-contractors always register their presence on site, deter intruders and eliminate ‘buddy clocking’. With full attendance records and a verifiable fire report they ensure that no employee or sub-contractor can falsely claim for hours worked when you can easily prove that they weren’t on site.

  • Enable mobile workers to clock in on mobiles

    For remote sites or construction workers travelling to and from sites and needing to clock in off-site, designated mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs enable workers to clock in or out even on the go.

  • Use proximity terminals for fobs and cards

    Proximity terminals activated by fobs or cards can restrict access to areas reserved for trained or licensed personnel only. One day passes can also be issued to visiting clients or inspection teams.

Access Control Recording Software for the Construction Industry

  • See who's in at any site – in real-time

    Accessed securely on a PC or laptop at any site or at head office, our Live Attendance Dashboard displays clocking data from every terminal, scanner or mobile phone – in real-time.

  • Pay only what’s fair – now, and in the future

    By enforcing the implementation of a site fire report, accounts can also verify invoices and pay suppliers for the exact hours they worked. At the same time, our software automatically deducts lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences.

  • Store attendance data for up to 7 years

    Time and attendance and payroll data can be stored for 7 years so that any future claims made by former employees, agency workers or sub-contractors can be resolved quickly and fairly.

  • Run fire roll call reports instantly on PC or mobile

    Security staff can run fire roll call reports on a PC or mobile phone (many of our clients leave dedicated phones in key locations too). Roll calls can be site wide or display attendance at specific areas or floors to escalate evacuations and inform emergency crews.

  • Ensure you and your workers stay compliant

    To adhere to the Working Time Directive (WTD), our software monitors individual hours worked and overtime schedules to alert supervisors or foremen before the time runs out.

  • Empower workers to manage their time

    With our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution, construction workers can also monitor their hours on a mobile phone or at a dedicated PC in communal areas like canteens.

  • Reduce accidents and improve conditions

    Construction sites can be dangerous. Our software enables you to record and analyse incidents and put in place training and preventative measures to reduce repeat incidents. Our accident record templates also meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

  • Track equipment use and reduce theft and fraud

    Construction workers get through a lot of equipment – sometimes a little faster than they should. Our software helps you track equipment issued to new workers and monitor suspicious requests for replacement items.

  • Keep workers trained and fully licensed

    Most construction workers are in a constant cycle of on and off the job training. With our database, you can track the training, skills, and licenses of every worker, with alerts reminding you to renew licenses. With ESS, workers can also keep their training records up-to-date.

  • Pinpoint underperformers and boost productivity

    With Jobstandard, the time it takes someone to complete a job on any construction site can be tracked – even down to individual tasks. Now you can laser-target training to help underperformers, promote over achievers, and contrast contractors to make better business decisions.

  • Attract and retain the best construction talent

    By keeping your sites safe, reducing accidents, and targeting training, your business sends a message to potential employees that you’re building a workplace where they can safely do the best work of their lives.

  • Showcase duty of care to clients and investors

    With your construction business growing in the right direction, and with the data to back up your confidence it its future potential, you can showcase your achievements to new clients and investors.

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