Mobile Clocking with GPS Location Recording

The smart choice

Perfect for sales workers and delivery drivers on the go

Mobile clocking is not for everyone with a mobile phone. For office workers, PC clocking is the better option; subcontractors at busy construction sites are also better off clocking in using biometric face recognition or hand scanner terminals. But if you employ delivery drivers or sales people who are constantly on the road, giving them the option to clock in on their smartphone is the smart choice.

  • Clock in and out on a mobile or tablet

    With Timestandard’s cutting-edge mobile clocking service, your employees can clock in or out of work with the touch of a button on a mobile or tablet wherever they are. Each activity is GPS tracked and every clocked location can be viewed on a map.

  • Track location and coordinate deliveries

    As soon as an employee clocks in or out on their mobile phone the system logs their GPS location so that you know where they are. This is a great way of making sure sales teams and delivery drivers are safe, especially when they are visiting remote locations. It is also a cost-effective and highly efficient way of identifying the nearest driver to a customer’s location in the event of a pick up or delivery.

  • Empower mobile workers with Employee Self-Service

    As well as clocking in or out, with our Employee Self-Service solution workers can also request holidays or time off to deal with personal or health issues, check overtime and update contact information on their mobile phones.

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