Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Helping employees help themselves

Now you can move with the times

Our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution enables your employees to clock in or out, request holidays, keep contact details up-to-date, and monitor overtime on their mobile phones or PCs. No new hardware to install or training required. Employee Self-Service saves valuable time and is empowering for everyone. 

  • Employee Self-Service on a mobile or PC

    All you have to do is select who you want to access the Employee Self-Service solution and how you want them to use it, either via mobile phones or on PCs. Some of our clients set up dedicated ESS enabled PCs in communal areas like canteens so that their employees can update their information and request time off on their lunch breaks. 

  • Request holidays or time off

    When an employee knows their check in/check out dates, all they do is sign in to the Employee Self-Service solution on a mobile or PC to send a holiday request.

  • Take control of your own time

    With Employee Self-Service, employees can check their overtime and how many holiday days are left over.

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