Web Access Module (WAM)

See who's in and out in real-time

Action real-time attendance data

See who clocked in on time – and who didn’t – from the comfort of your PC. See real-time attendance data from employees clocking with biometric scanners, PCs and mobiles 24/7/365. Actionable data that enables everyone to act fast from line managers who need to cover unauthorised absences to safety officers who need to know who is in when running fire roll calls to receptionists who need to field calls from important clients. 

  • Collect real-time clocking data from any source

    Whether you have 5 carers clocking into your care home with a finger scan, 50 call-centre agents clocking in on their PCs, 500 subcontractors clocking in with facial recognition scans at multiple construction sites, or you’re on the road and have just clocked in on your mobile, the Web Access Module displays real-time clocking data 24/7/365

  • Monitor live attendance data across the business

    Business owners, line managers and supervisors can receive automatically generated reports telling them who didn’t clock in to act fast and ensure shifts are adequately covered. They don’t need to adjust payroll either: all unauthorised absences are automatically deducted.   

  • Tackle the root causes of absence

    HR can use our built-in Bradford Factor calculator to identify absenteeism and task managers with uncovering the root causes of absence issues such as personal problems, poor management, or environment or cultural factors

  • Keep the business and employees safe

    Health & Safety can run fire roll call reports instantly on a PC with live attendance data telling them who is on site as well as where they are to speed up evacuations and aid emergency services. 

  • Keep calm and professional at all times

    Even receptionists can log in to the Web Access Module on their reception desk PC and see instantly who is in and who is out when important calls come in. No panic. No scrambling. Totally professional.  

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Export To Payroll

Learn how easy it is to harvest real-time time and attendance data, automate deductions and export everything to payroll.