Shift Rostering

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Planning and managing complex shift patterns can be a nightmare. Not anymore. With Timestandard you have the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use shift planning and monitoring system right at your fingertips. From same shift every day to different shift every day or any shift rotation required - at the click of a mouse. Now you – managers and employees – know exactly who is in control. Even if they don’t know that you’re dragging and dropping from the sofa. 

  • Manage employees, teams, or sites your way

    View and manage shifts and rates for employees, sites, departments, divisions or regions and see a detailed breakdown of time slots down to the minute. Integrate with individual, department or global calendars, providing a source of up-to-date shift information to both staff and managers alike. Set up to 10 pay rates per employee, with rates applied automatically when each employee clocks in.

  • Handle complex shift patters with ease

    Handle continental shift patterns, rotating shift patterns, split shifts and multiple forms of overtime without breaking a sweat. Choose to work with the stunningly simple graphical interface or switch to analogue for high speed shift management. Simply drag and drop to assign an employee or group to a shift and make changes before, during, or after shifts without ever affecting data integrity.

  • Access anywhere and at any time

    Wherever you have access to the web, you can view, manage and edit the system with any changes to site rotas updated in real-time for all authorised system users to see

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