Working Time Directive

Stay compliant all the time

WTD alerts and reports that work around the clock

The Working Time Directive or working time regulations are designed to keep your business and employees safe and healthy by limiting the number of permitted working hours. Our Working Time Directive software however works around the clock to analyse real-time attendance data and send you timely alerts so that workers never exceed legal working hours. Our trusty Working Time Directive reports are also always there to demonstrate that your business is fully compliant.   

  • Approve overtime whenever you need to

    With our handy ‘Overtime Approval’ feature, authorised personnel such as line managers can select (in employee records) and de-select groups of employees who need their overtime approved.

  • See who is exceeding overtime boundaries

    With Timestandard you can see who is exceeding the boundaries of the Working Time Directive. You can also amend the report in line with changes in the law.

  • Make compliance something everyone complies with

    Armed with the data you can work with workers and supervisors to ensure everyone understands the rules and your business is fully compliant. 

  • Stay compliant with Working Time Directive reports

    Working Time Directive reports show any individual who might exceed legal working hours and put your company in breach. WTD reports can also be used to compare the compliance of individuals, teams, departments, sites, and the overall business. 

  • Enable workers to monitor their own working hours

    With our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution, workers can access attendance and overtime data on mobile phones or PCs either at work or from home. That way they can help themselves keep abreast of their working hours and stay compliant.

  • Store time and attendance data for 7 years

    Unlike most time and attendance solutions providers, you can store data safely and securely for 7 years (rather than the usual 3 years) to quickly deal with potentially costly time claims from future employees or subcontractors.  

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