Cloud based Time and Attendance Solutions

Your time your way

Access time and attendance data from the cloud

Cloud based time and attendance solutions are perfect for medium to large business' who need online access to monitor time and attendance wherever they are. Our intuitive and easy-to-use cloud based time and attendance software provides real-time, actionable time and attendance data, helping you to see online who clocked in or out in real time, ensure shifts are adequately covered, reduce absenteeism and spend more of your time growing your business.

  • PC

    With the cutting-edge Timestandard time and attendance software available on the cloud 24/7/365 you can see who clocked in or out in real time on a PC at work or on a laptop from your armchair at home.

  • Tablet

    Export online time and attendance data to payroll in a second. Drag and drop shift changes. Update your personnel database. Everything you need to do can be done on the device that suits you.

  • Mobile

    Not only can you clock in over a mobile phone, but you can also access and run fire roll calls with the touch of a button on dedicated mobile devices.

Access cloud-based time and attendance data your way

  • Get the training you need to get up to speed fast

    Our cloud-based time and attendance software is intuitive and easy-to-use, with our remote or on-site training take control of your company’s time and attendance from the moment Timestandard is set up.

  • Benefit from instant access to new features

    Being web-based our time and attendance software is constantly being updated to meet new business challenges and by using our cloud-based time and attendance system you can access all of these new features instantly.

  • Store time and attendance data in the cloud for 7 years

    Unlike most web-based time and attendance solutions providers, our clients can store data safely and securely for 7 years (rather than the usual 3 years) to quickly deal with potentially costly time claims from future employees or subcontractors.

  • Get quality UK-based technical support

    No data collection device is bullet-proof and technical issues can happen, but with us you get access to quality technical assistance by phone or email and we can deliver hands-on engineering support wherever you’re based in the UK.

Select who has access to your cloud-based attendance data

  • Payroll Officers

    With our cloud-based time and attendance software, deductions for late arrivals, lunch breaks, early departures, holidays and sickness, even partial absences are all automated. Shifts can be managed easily with a simple drag and drop. And with the push of a button, accurate attendance data can be exported to payroll solutions like Sage.

  • HR Managers

    With our cloud-based solutions, HR can monitor and deal with human capital risks, create and manage their own personnel database, and use the built-in Bradford Factor calculator to increase the efficiency of your workforce no matter where they are based.

  • Health & Safety Officers

    Our cloud-based software enables health and safety officers to see who is on or off site in case of an emergency, keep track of equipment, proactively renew licenses and use accident record templates that meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

  • Finance Directors

    With up-to-the-minute reports on everything from absenteeism, compliance, payroll costs and productivity and by being able to contrast performance by individuals, teams, departments or sites, finance directors can grow their businesses with confidence.

  • Receptionists

    Accessing the cloud-based Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard on their reception desk PC, busy receptionists can see who is in, who is off sick or on holiday, even who has just clocked out to lunch instantly, helping them to be the professional face of your brand.

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