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Public sector organisations face unique time and attendance challenges. According to Stephen Bevan, in comparison to the private sector, public sector workers like NHS staff, police officers, prison officers or firefighters are at greater risk of illness or injury through their work. Poorly paid and poorly treated, for many public sector workers coming in to work sick or taking sick leave to deal with domestic issues are the only options. With budgets tight, to deal with absenteeism and presenteeism you need the data to identify and support vulnerable workers so they are fit to work.  

Access Control Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Protect buildings from theft, vandalism and arson

    Public buildings – local government buildings, town halls, courts, police and fire stations, public swimming pools, clinics, schools and hospitals – are the target of unauthorised intrusion, arson, theft and vandalism. Installed at key access points, our cutting-edge facial recognition terminals and fingerprint readers increase security and vastly improve protection of assets and people. 

  • Flexible swipe cards and fobs for workers within buildings

    Fobs, smart cards and PC-linked badge swipe solutions offer easy-to-use options for workers operating within public sector buildings. These solutions can monitor clocking data in real-time and also be used to control access to restricted areas storing IT or medical equipment.

  • Mobile clocking for employees on the road

    If you have mangers or employees regularly out of the office, mobile clocking is a handy way to let them clock in or out and track their location. 

Time and Attendance Software for the Public Sector

  • On-demand visibility into real-time time and attendance data

    Accessed on a PC or laptop, our Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard displays attendance data from everyone clocking in via biometric terminals, swipe cards or mobile phones in real-time. This enables you to simplify workforce management and accurately track and contrast attendance across multiple locations or departments. 

  • Set pay rates, track overtime, and import into Sage

    Our software lets you set up to 10 pay rates per employee, with rates applied automatically when each employee clocks in. To save time,
    lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences can be automatically deducted. You can keep track of overtime and flexitime, TOIL and annual leave. The data can also be imported straight into payroll software like Sage.

  • Manage shift changes with a drag and drop

    Our rostering tool enables you to change and edit shifts in real-time to cover unplanned absences or move staff from one division to another. Managers can also run off reports to evaluate the efficiency of each shift and plan ahead to meet peak working hours.  

  • Reduce absenteeism with the Bradford Factor calculator

    With real-time attendance data, our Bradford Factor calculator helps HR quickly identify individual absenteeism and task managers or supervisors with uncovering the root causes of absence issues such as personal problems, poor management, or environment or cultural factors.

  • Identify presenteeism with Jobstandard

    With Jobstandard, you can track the time it takes employees to complete specific jobs. This helps identify employee/role mismatches, target training, and reward high performers. It is also a great tool to spot employees underperforming through illness, personal issues, or occupational stress and help them get the help they need to be fully fit to work.

  • Create a personnel database to manage your workforce

    Our software enables you to build and manage a detailed personnel database including photos, contact details, CVs, training and qualifications, contracts of employment, and any absence or disciplinary records. 

  • Run fire roll call reports on PC or mobile

    Security can run fire roll call reports instantly on a PC or mobile phone. Fire roll call reports show you who is on site as well as where they are to speed up evacuations and aid emergency services. 

  • Ensure your staff stay compliant

    Our software tracks individual working hours to ensure you comply with the Working Time Directive (WTD). With our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution, your staff can also check their overtime, how many holiday days they have left, update contact details and request time off on a mobile phone or PC.

  • Reduce accidents and improve health and safety conditions

    Offices and workspaces should be safe places to work. Our software lets you record incidents and accidents and put in place training and preventative measures to keep all staff safe. Our accident record templates also meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

  • Use the data to invest in improving service levels

    With reports showing enhanced security at public sector buildings, greater effectiveness in dealing with absenteeism and presenteeism, and improved engagement and morale, you can use the data to make informed investment decisions and continue to improve local public services.

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