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Time card  (10 rates of pay)               Live Attendance Dashboard
Missing clockings                               Absent
Who’s in now                                      Lateness
Working time directive                       Global leave/shift planner
Approaching overtime                       Group pay rate assignment
Category count                                  Hours Approval
Bradford factor

  • Time card reports: invest your time wisely

    View any employee’s hours, clock in and out times, overtime, sickness absence, holidays, even extended breaks. Use the employee time card authorisation facility to avoid pay disputes. Create or change any shift pattern, sickness day, or time worked to recalculate the time card. If data is missing, just check for highlighted anomalies. Time cards can also be generated by hours worked or pay amount. All you have to do is change the settings and the system will generate time cards to suit you.

  • Missed clocking reports: never miss a trick

    Get daily ‘missed clocking’ reports direct to your PC or mobile. Quickly identify who forgot to clock in or out, when and where. Notify line managers to ensure workers clock in properly next time. Update the record and ensure payroll is still rolling.

  • Access, customise, and export reports your way

    Access reports anytime across a range of devices, even off site, 24/7/365. Customise an accident report for a site after an incident or run detailed health & safety reports comparing trends in every site to set standards. Generate reports in multiple formats. Print them out. Or email them up to senior managers for immediate action.

  • Bradford Factor reports: keep on top of absence

    Use the built-in Bradford Factor calculator to create reports enabling you to deal proactively with persistent and unauthorised absence. Having Bradford Factor report data to hand is a great way of educating staff on the financial and cultural impact of their short term absences.

  • Working Time Directive (WTD) reports: stay compliant

    Analyse Working Time Directive reports showing any individual who might exceed legal working hours and put your company in breach. Work with them and their managers to ensure they only work the permitted number of hours to keep them and your business healthy.

  • Fire roll call reports: know who's in in real-time

    Run a fire roll call report with the push of a button on a PC or mobile. Customise fire roll call reports to know exactly who is in or out on the whole site or an individual floor to minimise evacuation time. Keep your business compliant and your employees confident.

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Working Time Directive

Learn more about how our Working Time Directive reports work around the clock to ensure your workers never exceed legal working hours.