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Turn your receptionist into a time and attendance superhero

I’m sure you’ll agree with us that that there is nothing worse for a busy receptionist than to have to tell a new client that they don’t know if the person they need to speak to even came in to work that day. 

As well as wasting their time, it’s also an unnecessary stress on the individual; receptionists don’t want to look unprofessional or make a bad first impression either. 

We decided to give receptionists a little superhero makeover.

  • Introducing the Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard

    With Timestandard, your receptionists can log in to the Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard on their reception desk PC and see instantly – and in real-time:

    • Who is in and who is out 
    • Who is off sick 

    No panic. No scrambling. No more sounding unprofessional.

  • See through walls with Timestandard

    When we say your receptionists can access real-time time and attendance data instantly, we mean they can pull up real-time time and attendance data on everyone in the company, wherever they are. 

    Which means that if you have one factory or a dozen factories, offices, and warehouses dotted around the UK, your receptionist can answer any question about the location and availability of any individual with the kind of X-ray vision of a Hollywood superhero.

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