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We're in the confidence business

For 25 years, great businesses like Tesco, Virgin Media and Mercedes-Benz have trusted the real-time time and attendance data Time Systems gives them to make data-backed decisions and grow their business safely and securely.

The numbers speak for themselves: we helped a commercial cleaning company make £950k+ annual payroll savings alone. 

But hundreds of businesses don’t clock in with Time Systems because they’re confident of seeing a quick return on their investment. They invest in us because for 25 years we have confidently invested our time in making our solutions meet the attendance, security, and productivity challenges we will all face tomorrow. 

  • Be totally confident in your security

    Whether you run an SME needing to monitor the real-time time and attendance of 50 workers or run a business with 5,000 workers in factories across the UK, our biometric hand scan, finger scan, facial recognition, or proximity terminals will keep your business secure. 

  • Feel confident about trusting your workers

    With our Live Personnel Dashboard, your payroll staff know exactly who clocked in and who was late in real-time. Our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution even enables them to collect data from workers clocking in on their mobile phones. 

  • Have confidence in your competitiveness

    With Timestandard’s personnel database, HR managers can nip human capital risks like absence and fraud in the bud and create the vibrant and diverse workplace culture you need. With Jobstandard, HR, line managers and supervisors can also uncover vital productivity gains and target training interventions to make your business highly attractive to clients or investors. 

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