Biometric clocking terminals

Finger. Hand. Or we can just put a name to a face

Biometric clocking terminals aren't just for show

Biometric clocking terminals don’t just give you real-time time and attendance data. Finally call time on buddy clocking. Biometric terminals also give you the irrefutable evidence you need to deal with time claims from former employees or sub-contractors. Biometric clocking terminals are cheat-proof and future-proof.

  • Clock in with a fingerprint

    Thanks to biometric fingerprint scanning technology becoming commonplace on our mobile phones, our most popular biometric clocking terminals help you analyse your employees’ finger prints for ultra-secure authorisation.

  • Clock in with a hand scan

    Our biometric hand scan terminals analyse the uniqueness of your employees’ palm to clock them in and out of work. Yes, our biometric hand scanners can work with even the dirtiest hands.

  • Clock in with a facial scan

    Mapping individual facial dimensions and encrypting the data into a unique biometric key, biometric facial recognition scanners keep everyone smiling. And don’t worry about queues. We can scan your employees’ faces from a distance so there are no hold ups or time wasted at busy access points

  • Clock into the real-world

    As we know the challenges you face, our world-class suppliers often redevelop and refine the features and usability of their latest biometric clocking terminals to fit your real-world needs.

  • Clock in with confidence

    Robust enclosures keep our biometric terminals always-on in especially dirty or dusty areas and are fully weatherproof if you need to situate them outside.

  • Clock in with badges or fobs

    If you need to clock in with company badges, fobs, or tags, proximity clocking terminals can often work with the clocking cards you use.

  • Clock in permanently to dedicated support

    Technical assistance is just a phone call or email away and delivered in person nationwide by our expert engineers as required.

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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Learn how your employees can clock in on a PC, land line, or mobile phone.