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With access to real-time time and attendance data telling your business who has clocked in and who is running late – again! – it’s no surprise that Timestandard built a Bradford Factor Calculator into our software to help HR measure the financial impact of staff absence. But we didn’t stop there. Our Bradford Factor reports enable you to tackle individual absence issues quickly as well as uncover the root causes of absence whether they are toxic management practices, bad hiring processes, workplace bullying and discrimination, or inadequate training.

  • Store and edit attendance and disciplinary data

    With our Personnel Database you can attach and edit disciplinary data and performance agreements on an individual worker and access this data as and when you need to. As this data can be stored for up to 7 years, you can also use this data to review any claims made by former employees or managers.

  • Stay on top of absence with the Bradford Factor Calculator

    With our Bradford Factor Calculator you can monitor and assess attendance in real-time, whether you have 50 staff working at a single plant or 5,000 workers operating across multiple sites around the UK. Absence data can include standard measures like missed clockings as well as focus in on incrementally damaging lateness issues such as workers repeatedly being a few minutes late back from lunch breaks.  

  • Uncover the root causes of absenteeism

    Armed with the attendance data you can uncover the root causes of persistent absenteeism, whether they are non-work related physical or psychological issues such as addictions or marital problems or costly and culture-harming work related problems like bad management practices or workplace bullying.  

  • Make attendance levels part of training initiatives

    Having Bradford Factor reports to hand is a great way of educating staff on the financial and cultural impact of their short term absences. This can be done while inducting new recruits by showing them what the business considers reasonable and acceptable attendance levels as well as by retraining existing workers struggling with attendance targets.

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