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Simple, quick and accurate. There are a lot of time and attendance software packages on the market these days, some that are not always guaranteed to be compatible with UK working practices. But even if you don’t currently need to export your payroll data into packages like Sage, given the substantial time and money this feature can save your business, always ensure the time and attendance software you use has the export functionality hardwired into it. 

  • Plug straight into your payroll solution

    With Timestandard you can accurately export all the time and attendance data collected from each terminal and associated pay rates straight to Sage with the push of a button.

  • Archive data and deal with future disputes

    You can store data for 7 years (way more than the minimum statutory requirement of 3 years) to deal with retrospective claims. You can also generate timesheets requiring employee authorisation at every pay period to avoid overtime disputes. 

  • Think about how to invest the payroll savings

    Most of our clients achieve an ROI on our time and attendance systems in 5 months: 3% average payroll savings with an old mechanical system in place; 6% with no timesheet recording system. For 20 employees that’s £20,000 per year, every year. For larger clients, those savings can add up. This commercial cleanersaves £950k+ on payroll savings each year

  • Get all the support you need when you need it

    We’ve been developing our time and attendance software for over 20 years and only sell the finest clocking terminals, but if you need IT or software support, technical assistance is just a phone call or email away. 

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