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Transportation & Logistics Industry

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We help transportation and logistics companies navigate the workforce challenges getting in the way of meeting delivery deadlines, responding with agility to customer needs and delivering great service.  Our biometric terminals keep their warehouses safe from intruders and put the brakes on buddy punching. The real-time attendance data they generate helps payroll pay workers accurately and manage complex shift patterns. Our Bradford Factor calculator lets HR deal quickly with absenteeism. And our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution enables drivers to clock in on the road. 

Access Control Solutions for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

  • Install biometric terminals to eliminate ‘buddy clocking’

     Warehouses are busy places with employees, contract staff and visitors coming and going. Our facial recognition terminals and fingerprint readers increase security by deterring intruders, eliminate time theft through ‘buddy clocking’, and provide fool-proof time and attendance data in real-time 24/7/365. 

  • Enable drivers to clock in and out on their smartphones

    With mobile clocking, drivers, sales people or repair crews can clock in and out on their smartphones on the road or on a PC at remote sites. With built in GPS location tracking, you can also know where they are when they clock in or out, meaning you can quickly identify the right person in the right place to respond to a call-out or pick up. 

  • Restrict access to sensitive or hazardous areas

    By being able to personalise access rights, our biometric or proximity terminals can further secure access to private offices, areas storing hazardous chemicals and substances, and heavy machinery that should only be operated by authorised experts to reduce workplace accidents.

Time and Attendance Software for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

  • See who clocked in or out in real-time

    Accessed on a PC or laptop, our Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard displays real-time attendance clocking data from everyone clocking in at your warehouses or over a mobile phone or PC. 

  • Pay all workers what’s fair now and in the future

    Our software lets you set up to 10 pay rates per employee, with rates applied automatically when each employee clocks in. To save time, lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences can be automatically deducted.  The data can also be imported straight into payroll software like Sage. 

  • Reduce absenteeism with the Bradford Factor calculator

    Daily, weekly, or monthly attendance reports and our built-in Bradford Factor calculator helps HR identify and deal with the root causes of absence issues such as personal problems, poor management, or environment or cultural factors. 

  • Drive workforce productivity and stay competitive

    With Jobstandard, you can track the time it takes warehouse employees to complete any job or activity and identify worker/role mismatches and target training opportunities to boost productivity and stay competitive.  You can also identify top performers for rewards and promotions.

  • Run fire roll call reports on PC or mobile

    Security can run fire roll call reports instantly on a PC or mobile. Fire roll call reports show you who is on site and where they are to speed up evacuations and aid emergency services. Many of our clients leave dedicated mobiles in handy locations so any manager can use them in case of an emergency.

  • Manage complex shift patterns with a drag and drop

    To cope with changing customer demands, our rostering tool enables you to change and edit shifts in real-time and plan ahead to deal with seasonal workflow fluctuations. 

  • Create a personnel database to manage your workforce

    Our software enables you to build and manage a detailed personnel database including: photos, contact details, CVs, training and qualifications, contracts of employment, and any absence or disciplinary records. 

  • Keep on top of training and licence renewals

    Logistics companies are driven by people trained to use equipment like fork lift trucks and lorry drivers who need to renew their licences on time. With our database, timely alerts remind you to maintain training levels and renew licenses, as well as notify you when performance reviews are due.

  • Ensure your workers and drivers stay compliant

    Our software tracks and monitors working hours of warehouse workers and drivers to ensure you comply with the Working Time Directive (WTD). 

  • Reduce accidents and improve health and safety conditions

    Warehouses should be safe places to work. Our software lets you record accidents and put in place training and preventative measures to reduce repeat incidents. Our accident record templates also meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

  • Let workers manage their own time

    Our Employee Self-Service solution enables workers to check overtime, how many holiday days are left, update qualifications and contact details, and request time off. For warehouse staff, our logistics clients often install a dedicated ESS computer in communal areas like canteens.

  • Improve efficiency and win new customers

    With reports showing that your warehouses are secure, attendance and productivity levels are demonstrably high, and by regularly meeting customer demands, you can use the data to make informed decisions affecting how your grow the business and attract new clients. 

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