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Run a fire roll call on a mobile

To keep your business and your employees safe you need access to real-time time and attendance data telling you exactly who clocked in and where they are with just the push of a button. With Timestandard, you can confidently do all that on a PC, mobile phone or tablet. 

  • Run fire roll calls on any PC

    By accessing real-time time and attendance data that shows you exactly who clocked in or out and where they are at any given moment, Timestandard’s fire roll calls can be run on a PC at any time and from any location. Fire roll call reports can also be printed off in seconds. 

  • Use designated mobile phones or tablets

    Fire roll calls can also be activated on mobile phones or tablets carried by managers or supervisors wherever they go. Many of our clients leave designated fire roll call enabled mobile phones and tablets in handy and safe locations so that if there is a fire or an emergency managers can quickly ascertain who is in and who is out with the push of a button.

  • Track individuals to individual locations

    To speed up evacuations and inform the emergency services fire roll call data can identify where individual workers are located across multiple sites (in offices or warehouses for example) or within specific buildings (for example by department or level). 

    This degree of accuracy is dependent upon having clocking devices situated at access points at each location or area. 

  • Report your health and safety record

    Fire safety records and reports can be interrogated and analysed and used to improve the health and fire safety performance of your business whenever you need them. 

  • Train workers and managers on fire safety

    With the data collection systems in place and real-time fire roll call data available on PCs or mobile phones you can educate workers on the importance of clocking in as the best way of keeping them and the business safe.

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