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Time and attendance data you can trust

We hear you. You think your workers are telling you exactly when they clock in or out, but you don’t think all of them are being honest. And the honest answer is, you will never know where all the time goes or how much that’s really hurting the future growth and competitiveness of your business without Timestandard. But paying only what’s fair isn’t the only thing Timestandard can do for you.

  • Let the real-time clocking data come to you

    Whether you have 50 workers clocking in on a single biometric clocking terminal or 5,000 workers in offices and factories across the UK, our Live Attendance Dashboard lets you see who clocked in on time – and who didn’t – in real-time from the comfort of your PC.

  • Get attendance reports emailed to your mobile

    Need to know who didn’t show up for work without going to find out? Automatic reports can be emailed to any PC or mobile so you can act fast to keep the show going. All you need to do is set the time and date, choose who needs to receive the reports, and the system will do the rest.

  • Automate everything you need

    Deduct lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays and sickness, even partial absences. You can assign up to 10 pay-rates per employee and integrate them with the planner and attendance functions. Changes resulting from missed clock-ins or shift changes can be automated too.

  • Approve overtime for select groups

    With our handy ‘Overtime Approval’ feature authorised personnel such as line managers can select (in employee records) and deselect groups of employees who need their overtime approved. Approved or amended overtime records are then logged in an audit according to individual employee, date and time.

  • Get all the support you need

    We’ll give you all the training you need and set everything up exactly as you need it. Technical assistance is just a phone call away. As Timestandard is constantly being updated to make your life easier and deal with changes in legislation, we’ll get in touch with you when there are new features or legal changes that you should know about too.

  • Generate reports to keep you compliant

    Create hundreds of reports detailing your progress including fire roll call reports, Bradford Factor reports and Working Time Directive reports. You can also generate time cards by hours worked or pay amount. All you have to do is change the settings and the system will generate time cards to suit you.

  • Archive data and deal with disputes

    Store data for 7 years (way more than the minimum statutory requirement of 3 years) to deal with retrospective claims. You can also generate timesheets requiring employee authorisation at every pay period to avoid overtime disputes.

  • Make time and attendance data go a long way

    Let HR managers, health & safety officers and receptionists interrogate and action time and attendance data. With our Employee Self-Service, employees can clock in, request holidays, update contact details and monitor their time too.

  • Stay protected from human error

    Make retrospective shift changes, resolve clocking errors, even use our handy claw back facility to prevent pay rate manipulation. Our system copes with almost all known European requirements.

  • Plug straight into your payroll solution

    Accurately export attendance data collected from each terminal and associated pay rates straight to Sage.

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