Time and Attendance Solutions for the

Commercial Cleaning Industry

Cleaning up your act

With an army of cleaners visiting dozens of sites, commercial cleaning companies are often fighting a losing battle when it comes to collecting and processing time and attendance data.  Trusting individual cleaners to keep time logs and wasting valuable time manually processing records, commercial cleaning companies also face a well-known problem: job swapping. To guarantee that you’re paying for hours actually worked and to demonstrate outstanding service, you need attendance solutions that cover every possible time-theft angle and the software to keep your business clean.

Access Control for the Commercial Cleaning Industry

  • Facial recognition terminals to eliminate job swapping

    Standalone or fitted with turnstiles, our cutting-edge, cheat-proof facial recognition terminals take a picture of ever cleaner who goes onto a site and stops the illegal practice of job swapping. They also give you cast-iron and quickly verifiable attendance records. 

  • Portable 3G clocking terminals for sites with 3+ cleaners

    Our great range of portable, light-weight 3G clocking terminals, which can be quickly and easily installed at any location with a power supply, offer the perfect method of capturing accurate time and attendance data from your cleaners.  

  • Mobile clocking for 1 -2 person sites with GPS location tracking

    With our mobile clocking option, cleaners simply clock in on their mobile phones with the name, clocking time, and precise GPS location recorded in real-time for you to record and analyse.  

  • Landline clocking for cleaners attending remote sites

    With no phone lines or hardware to install, our landline clocking option lets your cleaners clock in and out on any client site landline.  With landline clocking, you can also record and leave important messages for your cleaners to pick up when they next dial in. 

Time and Attendance Software for the Commercial Cleaning Industry

  • See which cleaner clocked in at any site in real-time

    Whichever clocking method suits your commercial cleaning company, our Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard displays clocking data from every terminal, landline, or mobile phone in real-time 24/7/365. 

  • Pay only what’s fair and export straight to payroll

    To handle varying job types, our software lets you set up to 10 pay rates per cleaner, with rates applied when each cleaner clocks in. To save time, lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences can all be automatically deducted.  The data can then be quickly imported into payroll software like Sage. 

  • Manage complex shift patterns with a drag and drop

    In order to maintain high levels of customer service at all times, our intuitive rostering tool enables you to change and edit shifts in real-time and plan ahead to deal with anticipated workflow fluctuations. 

  • Ensure your cleaners stay legally compliant

    To adhere to the Working Time Directive (WTD), our software monitors individual hours worked and overtime schedules and alerts managers and supervisors before the time runs out. 

  • Pinpoint underperformers and boost productivity

    With Jobstandard, the time it takes a cleaner or a cleaning crew to complete a specific job can be tracked so you can monitor and contrast performance, target training to help underperformers as well as reward your star cleaners. 

  • Create a personnel database to manage your workforce

    Our personnel database allows you to store photos, contact details, CVs, training and qualifications, contracts of employment, and any absence or disciplinary records for full, part time, agency or temporary cleaners. 

  • Reduce accidents and improve conditions

    Our software enables you to record and analyse any workplace accidents that occur and put in place training and preventative measures to reduce repeat incidents. Our accident record templates also meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

  • Track equipment use and reduce theft and fraud

    Our software also helps you track equipment issued to new cleaners and monitor suspiciously rapid requests for replacement items. 

  • Store attendance data for to deal with future time claims

    Time and attendance and payroll data can be stored for 7 years so that any future claims made by former cleaners can be quickly resolved.  You can also access this data from the cloud.

  • Showcase your service delivery to your clients

    With accurate attendance data, your commercial cleaning business can pay your cleaners fairly for their time, eliminate potential overspends and identify vital productivity gains, as well as confidently prove service delivery to your clients. 

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