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Care homes and nursing homes pose unique access control challenges. The building needs to keep residents, their possessions, and vital healthcare equipment secure from intruders, whilst also safely letting visiting family members come and go freely.  Carers, nurses, managers, and staff like cooks and cleaners need to clock in and out 24 hours a day. Time and attendance data needs to go a long way too: pay carers and staff accurately, run instant fire roll calls, and satisfy Care Quality Commission (CQC) audits. Here’s how we help our care home clients care for everything.

Access Control Solutions for Care Homes

  • Access Control Solutions for Care Homes

    To identify who is on site in case of an emergency and provide fool-proof clocking data, facial recognition or finger print scanning terminals enable carers and staff to quickly clock in and out for their shifts.

  • Access cards for care home visitors

    Simple to use, access cards enable visiting friends and family to freely open doors at main entrances and individual doors leading in and out of residential units, whilst also stopping unauthorised intruders gaining access to the care home.

  • Fobs for carers and staff accessing restricted areas

    Proximity terminals situated at doors accessing areas restricted for residents and visitors can be activated by smart cards or handy fobs worn by carers and staff. These systems can also be used to further restrict access to medicine cabinets and prevent any misuse of substances. 

Time and Attendance Software for Care Homes

  • See who's clocked in or out in real-time 24/7

    Accessed securely on a PC or laptop, the Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard enables supervisors and managers to see who’s clocked in, who’s clocked out, in real-time 24 hours a day 

  • Pay carers and staff accurately and import into Sage

    By accessing real-time data, you can pay carers and staff for the exact hours worked. Our software also automatically deducts lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences. Attendance data can also be imported into payroll software like Sage.  

  • Create a personnel database to manage carers and staff

    Our software enables you to build a personnel database including photos, contact details, CVs, training and qualifications, contracts of employment, and any absence or disciplinary records.

  • Ensure your care workers and staff stay legally compliant

    To adhere to the Working Time Directive (WTD), our software measures individual hours worked and overtime schedules and compiles a report so that managers and supervisors can manage carers or staff exceed permitted working hours. 

  • Help your employees to help themselves

    With our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution, your staff can also check their overtime, how many holiday days they have left, update contact details and request time off on a mobile phone or PC.

  • Manage complex shift patterns with a drag and drop

    With care home patients requiring round-the-clock care and supervision and part-time carers changing fast, our intuitive and easy-to-use rostering software enables you to change shifts with ease. 

  • Store data to deal with future time claims and meet audits

    Time and attendance and payroll data can be stored for 7 years so that future claims by former full or temporary carers or staff can be resolved quickly and fairly. Accurate time and attendance data can also provide verifiable proof of staffing levels required by Care Quality Commission audits.  

  • Run fire roll call reports instantly on PC or mobile

    Managers can run fire roll call reports instantly on a PC or mobile (many of our care and nursing home clients leave phones in safe locations). Roll calls can be site wide or display visitor and staff attendance at specific areas to escalate evacuations and inform emergency crews.

  • Reduce accidents and improve conditions

    Our software enables you to record and analyse resident or visitor accidents to improve training and take preventative measures to reduce repeat incidents. Our accident record templates also meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

  • Keep carers well trained and fully licensed

    Most carers are in a constant cycle of on and off the job training. With our personnel database, you can track the training, skills, and licenses of every carer or member of staff, with timely alerts reminding you to renew licenses and manage training interventions. 

  • Pinpoint underperformers and boost productivity

    With Jobstandard, the time it takes someone to complete a job at any care or nursing home can be tracked – even down to individual tasks like cleaning. Now you can help underperformers and promote over achievers, or contrast contractors to make better business decisions. 

  • Access the data locally or in the cloud

    The software can be hosted locally or from the Timestandard cloud so you can interrogate real-time data and manage everything from anywhere. 

  • Showcase your duty of care

    Whether you have one or multiple care homes across the UK, with sites fully secured and attendance and HR data backing up your commitment to the wellbeing of residents, visitors, and staff, you can showcase your duty of care to new residents, investors, and inspectors. 

An initial risk assessment can quickly determine the access control systems that will work for your care home, carers, residents and visitors.
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