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How we reduced unauthorised site access by 100%


Like all construction firms, site security and employee safety are paramount. When you also operate across multiple locations and rely on a vast number of sub-contractors, health and safety compliance can also become a real and costly headache.

We started by beefing up security at all site access points. Real-time time and attendance data then enabled management to control who was on each site and target health and safety training. We also modernized the storage of attendance records to deal with future time claims long after construction was complete.

The results: a 100% reduction in unauthorised site access, vastly improved security of sites and assets, improved health and safety and fire safety compliance, and an archive of attendance records to secure the company against fraudulent time claims.

Key Challenges

Operating across multiple sites - including factories, offices and residential developments - this construction company had a huge number of sub-contractors and desperately needed to ensure they knew that everyone who was on site at any given time was authorised to be there.

With high contractor turnover, teams changing regularly, and personnel often working at more than one location, the company also needed to ensure they complied with strict health and safety requirements at all times too.

A flexible and scalable security solution that would prevent unauthorised access while enabling the free movement of permitted individuals was the only answer.

How we helped

We implemented two site access security solutions:

Full-height turnstiles at entry points. And a hand-scanner device to quickly validate authorised personnel

The data was then transmitted automatically to our hosted servers and accessed by managers on-site from a laptop or remotely from head office.

Our control software allowed the client to manage security responsively: quickly and easily granting or removing access in line with workforce changes.

Real-time knowledge of who is on-site now enables managers to provide health and safety inductions and bring personnel up-to-date with their safety procedures. Our system also helped the company store detailed historical attendance records to backup invoices and prevent false claims.

The results of our solution
  • 100% reduction in unathorised access
  • Flexible control of 5,000 individuals a year
  • 10 year archive of attendance and supplier data protects against false claims
  • Significant cost savings
  • Robust on and off site access control
  • Health and safety compliance and fire reporting support
  • Vastly improved security: staff and assets proteced
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