Time and Attendance Solutions for the

Leisure and Hospitality Industry

Calling time on time-theft

In the hospitality and leisure sector, to keep serving up consistently outstanding customer service your time and attendance system needs to help you plan ahead for peak times while responding sharply to unexpected absences, eliminate time and inventory theft from a multi-skilled, multi-function workforce operating 24/7, and give you the real-time attendance data you need to keep your property, guests and customers safe in case of a fire or an emergency. 

Access Control for the Leisure and Hospitality Industry

  • Put a stop to buddy punching and time-theft

    Buddy clocking for colleagues running late (again) and taking things like excessive cigarette breaks not only leaves your restaurant or bar short staffed – with honest staff picking up the slack – but also impacts on customer service and leads to complaints and negative reviews. With biometric fingerprint readers, clocking data is cheat-proof, accurate, and can be monitored and assessed in real-time.

  • Use biometric readers to stop paying for cigarette breaks

    If your staff take regular unscheduled cigarette breaks the costs to your business can soon add up. Take an employee who takes 3 10 minute cigarette breaks a day.  That equates to about 125 hours of working time lost to your business every year. If 20 employees do the same, and you pay them £8 per hour, that costs your business £20,000 per annum.  By fitting finger recognition scanners at entrance and exit points you can record and deduct the cost of these (and other) unauthorised breaks from your wage bill automatically. 

  • Stop inventory shrinkage and secure areas and data

    Setting access permissions at biometric facial recognition scanners or fingerprint readers and having the access data can stop staff helping themselves to stock. You can also use these systems to restrict access to private or IT areas and secure equipment, data, and staff. These systems can also be used to keep out intruders or guests and customers.

  • Set up the system with minimal technical training

    For most of your staff, managers and supervisors, these systems are relatively easy to use and require little technical training: most of us use biometrics scanners routinely on our smartphones. 

Time and Attendance Software for the Leisure and Hospitality Industry

  • See who clocked in or out in real-time

    Accessed on a PC or laptop, our Live Personnel Attendance Dashboard displays attendance clocking data from everyone clocking in and out on biometric terminals in real-time 24/7/365, eliminating the need for manually processing time sheets, reducing human error and acts of time theft. 

  • Pay full, part time or agency staff what’s fair

    To handle varying job functions and pay rates, our software lets you set up to 10 pay rates per employee, with rates applied when each employee clocks in. To save time, lunch breaks, late arrivals, early departures, holidays, sickness, even partial absences can be automatically deducted.  The data can then be quickly imported into payroll software like Sage. 

  • Manage complex and changing shift patterns easily

    In the hospitality industry, you need to be properly staffed in order to provide quality customer service. Our intuitive rostering tool enables you to change and edit shifts in real-time to deal with customer demands and service level agreements and plan ahead to deal with seasonal workflow fluctuations. 

  • Reduce absenteeism with the Bradford Factor calculator

    Daily, weekly, or monthly attendance reports and our built-in Bradford Factor calculator help HR identify individual worker absenteeism and identify the root causes of absence issues such as personal problems, poor management, or environment or cultural factors. 

  • Boost productivity and customer service with Jobstandard

    With Jobstandard, you can track the time it takes employees to complete any job or activity such as taking orders or bookings and identify worker/role mismatches and target training opportunities to boost productivity.  This system can also be used to compare the effectiveness of teams, set standards and performance targets, and reward high performers. 

  • Create a personnel database to manage your workforce

    Our software enables you to build and manage a detailed personnel database including: photos, contact details, CVs, training and qualifications, contracts of employment, and any absence or disciplinary records for full, part time, or agency or temporary workers. 

  • Eliminate regulatory compliance issues

    Our software tracks and monitors working hours and notifies you when employees are about to go into overtime so you comply with the Working Time Directive (WTD).

  • Run fire roll call reports on PC or mobile

    Security can run fire roll call reports instantly on a PC or mobile phone. Fire roll call reports show you who has clocked in to your restaurant or hotel as well as where they are to speed up evacuations and aid emergency services.

  • Reduce accidents and improve health and safety conditions

    Coupled with training initiatives, procedures and policies, our software lets you record any accidents and put in place further training and preventative measures to reduce repeat incidents. Our accident record templates also meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

  • Let employees manage their own time and save admin time

    With our Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution, on mobile phones or PCs your staff can check overtime, how many holiday days they have left, update contact details and request time off for holidays or medical appointments. This both cuts down on admin time and enables staff to have more control of their work/life balance, leading to a happier and more motivated workforce – which in turn is reflected in better customer service.

  • Keep records for 7 years to deal with future time claims

    Most businesses in the leisure and hospitality sector go through a lot of staff, so we enable you to store attendance and payroll data for up to 7 years to deal fairly with future time claims.

Whether you run a restaurant chain or are just about to open your first coffee shop, call time on time cheats and keep your focus on your customers
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