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The HR and time recording functions of any business are crucial and can pay dividends when properly applied.

You can have proof positive records about the movements of your employees, no matter how remote and assist employees by enabling them to access their data remotely and directly without having to bother HR or line managers.

You can operate Timestandard on your PC or the CLOUD, record all clocking data and other data from almost all now terminals and other data recording methods.

Timestandard is client server (multi-user) and also operates on CITRIX.

All to enable you to access your data securely and reliably and provide informative reporting.


Ideally, your employees record their own times, manage their own time card, and make automated requests, usually in their own time and not when working. Time saved.

You just address the anomolies – so the management of time is reversed in your favour.

This site tries to explain all that can be achieved using the Timestandard solution.

It is fault tolerant, because people make mistakes, it does not require daily maintenance from HR, it keeps on going.

Timestandard was borne out of frustration with other foreign suppliers (poor) software offering that had been built to suit their idea of a solution and not what the client requires.

So, Timestandard is our own product, in development for 20 years and still being developed, designed for the UK market for the most demanding of customer requirements.

The company has existed for 30 years and has supplied all the main household names in that time.