Personnel Database

Workforce management that works

Don't take your personnel database too personally

Building a personnel database to manage your workforce used to be like too much hard work. Segmenting employees from agency workers, keeping up with sub-contractors forever changing their contact details, constant checking when licenses need to be renewed all takes it toll on busy day. Timestandard is designed for both scalability and flexibility so employees are able to update their own contact details. Timestandard’s personnel database does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

  • Create and manage detailed employee bios

    Manage employee data in one place: photos, contact details, training records, absence, holiday and disciplinary data. Create and edit records for everyone too: full-time staff as well as part-time, agency or contract workers.

  • Access your personnel database from anywhere

    Host your personnel database locally or in our cloud to allow colleagues across different sites or departments to collaborate with ease - even while working from home.

  • Save time and work proactively

    Store accident logs, Working Time Directive reports, equipment issue records and license expiry details to manage incidents and plan ahead. 

  • Help employees keep your database up-to-date

    With our Employee Self-Service tool, let employees update contact details and manage their time on a PC or mobile. 

  • Attach files and crucial documents to each profile

    Attach files including CVs and referral letters, employee documents and add notes with hyperlinks for direct access to the original.

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