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Aim for maximum productivity

What does maximum productivity look like to you?

There are many reasons why employees are underperforming. Often they need more training. Sometimes their skills would be better utilised elsewhere.  These days, they might need the money and be clocking in sick. Occasionally, work is making them ill. Jobstandard helps you track the time it takes an individual or team to do any job. Spot poor performers. Tackle the causes of poor performance. Then build a business where everyone can achieve maximum productivity together.  

  • Start measuring productivity your way

    Sub-contractors at construction sites: Via ultra-secure biometric terminals.

    Call-centre staff: Using PCs or laptops.  

    Workers on the front line: With handheld devices, swipe cards, or barcode wands.

    Delivery drivers on the move: On land lines at remote sites or mobile phones.  

  • Select the job tracking criteria you need

    Pick and customise up to four types of job tracking criteria to:

    • Track an entire job from start to finish
    • Track individual tasks to identify every available productivity gain
    • Even track the progress of a new project to set a benchmark time
  • Report by individual, group, department, or site

    Use performance comparison reports to analyse and contrast individuals, teams, departments, sites, and overall commercial competitiveness.

  • Train failing workers and reward star performers

    Identify workers struggling to keep up and target training interventions or move them into a role that better suits their abilities. Same time, reward stellar performers and apply the secrets of their success to others, especially new starters.

  • Identify presenteeism to create a healthy environment

    Uncover non-work related physical or psychological issues such as addictions or marital problems that are the root cause of unproductivity and get employees back on their feet. Also link presenteeism issues to toxic management practices, unhealthy workspaces, or dangerous machinery to avoid costly tribunals. 

  • Store and edit your tracking data with our planner

    With the Jobstandard Planner, view historical job information, review performance by dates, jobs, tasks, or by employees. You can also correct timesheet errors and add notes against specific job tracking criteria labels to further drive productivity. 

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