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One telephone number to clock them all

Perfect for cleaners and home healthcare professionals

For many businesses like commercial cleaning companies or NHS providers with care workers visiting patients at their homes accurately verifying attendance is a huge challenge. But with our TeleAttend telephone clocking solution, when a worker arrives at or leaves any site they visit they can clock in or out using a dedicated landline number, giving you the attendance data you need to pay your staff correctly as well as helping you monitor and assess performance. 

  • Telephone clocking made easy

    Arrive at a site - dial a unique telephone number - enter a password - clock in.  Shift over, same drill. With TeleAttend, we make it quick and easy for your busy employees to clock in and out wherever they are. The telephone number of the location used is recorded, even if the number was withheld, so you can be confident they were on site

  • Track the data you need to improve productivity

    By receiving accurate time and attendance data over a landline – including clock-ins, clock outs, check calls, dropped calls and failed attempts - you can pay workers accurately for their time and as an added option track employees by job, client, or project to measure and improve productivity.

  • No hardware or telephone lines to install

    There are no telephone lines or hardware to buy or install for your premises. When you suddenly get that large contract - don't worry, Teleattend expands automatically so you do nothing. This saves you time and infrastructure interference compared to other systems. You can even access time and attendance clocking data from the Timestandard cloud 24/7/365.

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PC Clocking

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