Total Access Control

For the construction industry

Protect your people, property, and your time

Access control is about keeping the wrong people out, the right people accessing the right areas when they’re in, and creating a safe and secure place to work. But access control is also about safeguarding your time in case of wrongful claims from former workers or sub-contractors.  Used by construction firms across the UK, it’s time to access the industry standard access control system with Timestandard. 

  • Keep the wrong people out and keep secure

    Our biometric hand scan, finger scan, facial recognition, or proximity terminals offer the ultimate protection for your building sites and construction workers, reducing costs arising from break-ins, theft, and property damage. We can typically work with existing security badges and tags too.

  • Let the right people access the right places

    Create an unlimited number of access points to keep your building sites and construction workers safe.

  • Know where everyone is 24/7/365

    Know who clocked into a construction site in real-time anywhere in the UK 24/7/365 – from the comfort of a PC right on site or remotely over at head office.

  • Access and control a world of data

    Let payroll synch access information with real-time time and attendance data to pay only what’s fair. Let HR use the information to deal with absence issues and create a detailed personnel database. Enable health & safety officers to know precisely who is on a construction site on a PC or mobile in case of a fire or an emergency. You can also store attendance data for 7 years to deal with pay disputes from former employees, suppliers, or sub-contractors who accessed any Timestandard controlled construction sites.

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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Learn how your employees can clock in on a PC, land line, or mobile phone.